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What's That in Your Shoe?

Written by Carmalita Fowler (Inspired by a True Story.)


    It was bright and early and Tommy was up and excited about the day.  It’s difficult to keep a 10-year old in bed for long, but on this particular Saturday morning, Andre felt especially energetic.  There were just so many adventures that awaited him.  And the best part, Tommy had waited all week to play with his new neighbor, Robert from next door. 


From sun up to sun down, Tommy and Robert would be outdoors.  No one was going inside, not even to use the restroom.  Any special needs would have to be taken care of in the nearby woods and at the small running creek behind the row of houses.   They were scheduled to tour the old abandoned tree house, horse around on the swing set, play hide and seek with other kids in the neighborhood and ride their bikes to the local grocery store to get afternoon snacks. 

What's that in your Shoe?

“I am so glad it’s Saturday!” Tommy thought with a smile as he jumped out of bed to put on his clothes and then his favorite extra big tan boots.  He realized something was not quite right in the toe area of his right boot. It felt like a hard object was there at his big toe.  As he poked it without moving his foot from the boot, he thought it had some movement.  "Must be one of my nerf balls," he thought. Whatever it was, Tommy just couldn’t stop moving.  He was so excited about today.

The two best friends played together as planned.   They added supplies to their abandoned treehouse and played on a nearby swing set. They also engaged others in a game of hide and seek, and had a huge water balloon fight with some tough neighborhood kids.  Later that evening, it was time to go to Mr. Lee’s Grocery to buy cherry popcicles. Exhausted as they sat on the curve in front of the corner store enjoying the cool treat,   Tommy began to tap his large tan boots on the ground. 

“You know Rob, I felt something in my shoe all day”, Tommy said.  “It was bothering me earlier but now, it’s just annoying!   I really need to know what this is,” Tommy said. “Well why didn’t you get it out by now?” Robert said bewildered.  “Who goes all day with something in their shoe?”

Tommy asked Robert to hold his popsicle as he took off his boot and turned it upside down.  And to their amazement----- out fell a dead rat!  Both boys jumped back and screamed. “ Tommy, you had a dead rat in your shoe this whole time,” Robert said almost laughing.  “That’s so gross!”

“I---I guess I did”.  Tommy said amazed and confused.  Was the rat dead this morning when he first put on his rain boot?  Or did it die in his boot during the course of his awesome adventurous day?


When was the last time you put off something extremely

important only to realize that things could have been much different if you hadn't?


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