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On top of a cracked windshield, I had no money, no gas and a dead cell phone.  I was utterly helpless...or so I thought.


Two Sapre Tires 

by Carmalita L. Fowler

(Inspired by a True Story)

      Boom!  Bang!  “What was that?” I screamed in fear as the car shook violently and began to veer left on its own.  I forced the wheel to follow the screeching car through an opening made by traffic to the nearest emergency lane.   As I tried to rush out of the car, I nearly forgot that I was on one of the city’s busiest highways and it was approaching late evening rush hour traffic.


The impact of wind and dirt from rushing cars and trucks nearly blinded me back inside the vehicle.   Carefully moving to the rear by bracing the car and expecting to see my whole back end blown to pieces, it was fine.  The bumper was intact.   The taillights were not broken.  So what made those gut-wrenching sounds?  After skimming the back panel with my hand and looking further down, I noticed something far worse.   I had not one, but two flat back tires!    “My goodness,” I shouted.  Shrapnel as big as pencils, were protruding like sore thumbs from both tires!  “I must have plunged right over accident parts in the road.  How could I not see that!" I yelled furious with myself. 



Two Spare Tires



As I made my way back to the driver’s seat, a massive 16-wheeler with accompanying force winds blew soot, dirt and every other type of rock gravel which such force, it caused a hairline fracture right up the center of the windshield!


On top of a windshield with a newly formed crack, I had a dead cell phone.  I would soon be late to pick up the kids from daycare.  I had no resources to change not one, but two flat tires.  And even if the tires were repaired, I did not have enough gas to wait in the evening rush hour.  And most seriously, no one was running up to help me.  Times were dangerous and it was just as dangerous to help someone you didn’t know than to simply mind your own business.  After all, I had done the same.    But now that it was me, I thought entirely different of the situation and helping someone in need.


Just sitting in my car on this busy highway was dangerous.  I could be rear-ended at any minute.    Just when I was about to cry and have a self-pity party in the car, something stopped me dead in my tracks.    If I don’t help myself, whose going to help me?    Did I really want to sit here in a hot car alone on a dangerous freeway for something much worse to happen?  With my mind set on not dying in the road, I started to gather my things.  “Help me Lord,” I said as I began to make my way up the side of the freeway.  I was going to get help if it killed me!


Already in pace and walking, with my head throbbing from the stress and my face wet from the tears and heat, I almost didn’t notice a car that pulled up quietly close behind.  I looked behind to see a white car and a man inside.  As he got out, I noticed he appeared to glow from his all- white ensemble.    


“Wow, young lady! Blowing two at the same time is a rare occasion,” he yelled . While wiping tears from my face and little stunned from his sudden appearance, I was only left room to say, “I need help.”


“Sure!  It’s a good thing I have two spare tires in my trunk today.  It’s not all the time I carry them, but today, I do!  Sit tight,” he said with a relaxed smile.


To be honest, I remember very little about him changing the tires while I sat in the car.  I didn’t focus on the frightful scene of cars and trucks zooming by so close to mine.  Nor did I focus on the difficulties that lie ahead once he finished.  No money or gas, late to daycare, finding dinner, putting the kids to bed, grading school papers…the list went on.   None of those things crossed my mind as I sat in the car.  Instead, there was an overwhelming feeling of peace and thankfulness.  


He clicked on the gas cap door twice to let me know he was finished.  I held my hand out to wave from the car window and glanced in the rearview to make sure he was getting in his own car.   But he wasn’t.   He was gone! There was no sign of the man in all white or his white car.   “What... and where…but how…,” were just some of the questions going through my mind.  


And his tap on the gas cap was just as miraculous as him appearing and leaving.    Now I had more than enough gas to pick up the kids and get home.  The day’s other matters seemed so trivial.  I could make it home!  


Any encounters with extraordinary people lately?  

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