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Have You Had Your Water Today? 

Just some of its perfections: to purify; replenish; and hydrate. Not only is water revered worldwide for its practicality, but its spiritual signficance makes it the most superior of all the natural resources in the world!


Water is the only feul the body can never truly get enough of.  In fact, many would agree that drinking a cool glass, especially after a long hard day, not only aides the body, but the mind and soul tends to feel better. So our question to you dear friends: Have you had your water today?


Our very first tip for simple and healthy living is to----- you guessed it---drink more water-----and why not start today!  


Let's start here:  Your daily water intake (at a minimum) should be at around 1/2 gallon a day.  If its not possible for you to begin your water regimen with 1/2 gallon a day, initiate micro steps in this direction as your begining goal.  


Try starting with a glass of water for breakfast.  And for lunch, replace a large sugary diet coke with a cold glass of water.  And while you're at it, top it with a lemon!  Once comfortable with this routine, water can be increased to a glass before, during and after meals. 


Drinking water throughout the day takes nothing short of determination and discipline.   But your overall health is the reward at stake.  And why not add a year or more to your lifespan if a glass of water is all it takes!


 A second goal should be to transition to water for an entire month. Before long, you'll notice that you're drinking twice as much water and feeling all the better.  


Once I decided to commit whole-heartedly to my healthy living routine, I decreased my intake of sugary drinks and sweet deserts as a first goal.  


My second goal was to simply increase my water intake, even if I had not committed to a consistent workout routine. Getting more water in my diet for a healthier lifestyle was essential for me. 


By following the simple steps above, I noticed within weeks, I had lost inches from my waist.  My desire for sugars and carbs had decreased dramatically.  Soon after that, my skin was noticebaly brighter and I felt better.  It was amazing!  


Clearer skin, weight loss, flushing toxins out------ water does it all!  For a deeper understanding of water's scientific and yet practical remedies, we recommend one of the best books written on the benefits of water to the human body, Your Body's Many Cries for Water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.  Find out why he says the remedy to a back pain could be as simple as increasing your water intake by just 1 cup a day! 


And a final "tidbit" of advice: find a buddy!  Sometimes accomplishing long-term goals require a partner who is just as accountable and invested in your health as you.  Begin your water regimine with someone who wants the best for you!

And, what are your thoughts about drinking more water? Is water the CURE to everything?

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