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It's The Little Things...You Shouldn't Ignore

       I distinctly remember feeling emotionally uncomfortable around him for quite some time. I had observed that he was completely nice to strangers. Regarding me, he was majorly mean, dismissive and condescending. On this particular day, I was so ecstatic that he’d let me know he made something for me. Even though I was walking on eggshells, being as cooperative as I could by providing mucho praise for his “good deed,” it didn’t matter. He was mean as a rattlesnake.  I was even greeted at the door by his contemptuous attitude. It’s obvious my self-worth was in the toilet because knowing what I know now, I would have left him quick and fast, where he stood.  

      I don’t recall exactly how the conversation turned to the Apostle Paul, but I'm forever grateful it did.  By this time in my life I was embracing my spiritual journey by studying affirmations and scriptures. So at this point, I knew of Paul as one of my favorite inspirational writers. I would rank Paul of Tarsus of the 1st Century world, right up there with some of my favorites like Toni Morrison and Stephen King, who’d I’d often try to imitate in my own writings.

      “Paul, was one the earliest and most staunch supporters of Christ in his day,” I remember explaining, trying to set the stage for an intellectual conversation. “He was one of the greatest writers for his time period,” I continued. “He was real, his language was firm but gentle. He’s probably known by most people for his verse in Ephesians 6:18 where he warns us to suit up for war with God’s armor.”

        As I was explaining to him that much of Paul’s writings had essentially made the New Testament as powerful as it was, I was met with side-eyes, criticisms and the occasional utterances beneath his breath, “You don’t know what you talking about.”

“See, that’s the problem. You all worship these white men. This Bible-----Why would you believe something written by people who you don’t even know anything about? Do you know exactly who wrote the Bible? Why do you trust everything written? Those people have nothing to tell me.” He went on and on.

      I knew right then, if I continued any further relations with this person in any significant way, my calling, my duty to my Creator and others like my young son, would be in jeopardy. He was draining the living life from me. There was no convincing him of what I knew to be the truth about God’s word. His heart was closed…at least to my help and support.

This was a spiritual battle, a tug of war game for my soul. I could either please him by conforming to his beliefs to make him “happy”, or I could stand up for what was right. I chose the latter. 

      The Creator provides us with signs when something is not right for us. I felt this sensation when I first met him. But I’d ignored my instincts, the warning the Lord placed in my heart.

I want to tell you today, it’s never to late. Was this my last time associating with this person? Of course not. I continued for a while longer. But God is a merciful God and the Apostle Paul was a wise beyond his time, as he stated:

God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.

---I Corinthians 10:13

If you’ve made a mistake, right the wrong----- if you can. But most importantly, take heed to the messages from our Lord and Savior. Your instincts, God’s still small voice, is there for a reason. Toxic people come in all shapes, kinds and mental aptitudes. They are placed in your life by God to finally teach you the most important lesson of all: VALUE YOURSELF.

Dear Lord, today, I will believe you completely, I will love you supremely, I will obey you totally and I will glorify you fully. Let me live my life in such a way that I do not deflect your glory but reflect your glory! In Jesus name, Amen.”

 ----Galatians 6:14 (written by Paul the Apostle for the Churches in Galatia, 49-58CE)

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